Animamente is a graphic design studio based in Chicago, focused on identities, branding, print, web, animations, sculpture, objects, drawings and art.

ànima s. f. [lat. anĭma, affine, come anĭmus, al gr. ἄνεμος «soffio, vento»]. – 1.Nell’accezione più generica, il principio vitale dell’uomo, di cui costituisce la parte immateriale, origine e centro del pensiero, del sentimento, della volontà, della stessa coscienza morale.

ménte s. f. [lat. mens mĕntis, affine al lat. meminisse e al gr. μιμνήσκω «ricordare»]. – 1. Il complesso delle facoltà umane che più specificamente si riferiscono al pensiero, e in partic. quelle intellettive, percettive, mnemoniche, intuitive, volitive, nella integrazione dinamica che si attua nell’uomo.


Anima and Mente together, means that we put our soul and mind into what we love and deeply passionate about. The composition of the name is straightforward to represent that we are honest with our clients. We encourage comments and open discussions in a productive way. The fundamental elements of our mission are honesty, passion (in every single piece of work we do), eagerness (to perfect at best of our ability every time) and humbleness. We are very proud of who we are, what we have established so far and what we consistently deliver.

Please feel free to drop us a line, if you have questions of any kind, you want to start a project with us or if you would like to collaborate with Animamente.